How to preorder Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 7, Galaxy Watch Ultra, and the Galaxy Ring

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Image by Alex Parkin / The Verge and Samsung

Samsung didn’t conscionable denote new foldable phones and wireless earbuds during its Samsung Unpacked lawsuit connected Wednesday but besides a caller lineup of wearables: the Galaxy Watch 7 ($299.99), the Samsung Ring ($399.99), and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra ($649.99). While you’ll person to hold until July 24th until they’re officially available, each of the wearables are disposable to preorder present successful the US.

The caller wearables people a wide audience, from casual users to outdoor athletes. The Samsung Galaxy Ring is simply a stylish wearable that’s much of a discreet wellness tracker, portion the Galaxy Watch 7 is simply a smartwatch that’s much susceptible with new slumber apnea detection capabilities. Yet it’s not arsenic feature-packed arsenic the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra, which, arsenic my workfellow Victoria Song wrote successful her hands-on impression, is fundamentally the Android mentation of the Apple Watch Ultra. Built for the active, outdoorsy type, Samsung says it is its astir durable ticker yet and replaces the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro arsenic Samsung’s premium smartwatch.

We’ve published hands-on impressions of the Galaxy Watch 7, Galaxy Watch Ultra, and Galaxy Watch Ring and volition beryllium sharing our reviews soon. In the meantime, here’s everything you request to cognize astir each caller merchandise and each the applicable accusation truthful you tin spot your preorder today.

How to preorder Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 7

Powered by the caller 3nm Exynos W1000 spot and equipped with a caller dual-frequency GPS, Samsung says the Galaxy Watch 7 is faster than its predecessor and tin way your determination adjacent much precisely. As we noted successful our hands-on review, it’s not a important upgrade, but what is notable is that it present supports FDA-cleared slumber apnea detection features — which is an industrywide first.

Other caller features see an upgraded Samsung BioActive Sensor for improved bosom rate, EKG, and assemblage creation investigation arsenic good arsenic Galaxy AI-powered features similar Energy Score and Wellness Tips. Samsung has besides added an Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) Index metric, which is expected to bespeak your wide biologic aging process.

Aside from caller sensors, the wearable besides sports immoderate caller software. The wearable has been upgraded to Wear OS 5 and One UI 6 Watch, portion Samsung’s introduced immoderate caller tricks similar a treble pinch motion truthful you tin easy power your Samsung Galaxy Watch oregon phone. Samsung’s besides added an AI-powered suggested replies feature, which recommends responses based connected your erstwhile conversations.

The Galaxy Watch 7 is disposable successful 2 sizes: 40mm and 44mm. The 40mm is disposable successful greenish and cream, portion you tin bargain the 44mm mentation successful greenish and silver. The smaller ticker starts astatine $299.99, portion the larger wearable retails for $329.99. If you privation LTE cellular connectivity, you’ll person to wage an further $50.

Right now, Samsung volition done successful a escaped watchband erstwhile you preorder the Galaxy Watch 7 from them up of its merchandise connected July 24th. You tin besides preorder the wearable from Amazon, Best Buy, and Verizon. The second volition connection the wearable for escaped if you bargain immoderate 5G Android smartwatch and commercialized successful qualifying smartwatches.

How to preorder Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Ultra offers each the aforesaid wellness features arsenic Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 7, but it’s geared toward much active, outdoorsy types similar divers, runners, hikers, cyclists, and more. As mentioned, my workfellow Victoria describes it arsenic akin to the Apple Watch Ultra but with a squircle-shaped case.

Samsung says it’s the astir durable wearable successful its lineup, with 10ATM of h2o resistance, an IP68 rating, a titanium case, and a sapphire crystal lens. It besides offers much fittingness tracking capabilities, similar a multisport enactment profile, a large exigency siren, a Functional Threshold Power metric for cyclists, and a Race diagnostic truthful you tin comparison your past and existent performance. There’s adjacent a Quick Button for casual entree to the workout app and different features similar the flashlight.

Retailing for $649.99, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is disposable successful conscionable 1 size — 47mm — and comes successful gray, white, and silver. Like the Galaxy Watch 7, Samsung volition besides propulsion successful a escaped watchband erstwhile you preorder it from them. However, you tin besides preorder the wearable from Amazon, Best Buy, and Verizon.

How to preorder Samsung’s Galaxy Ring

If you’re looking for a much discreet wellness tracker than a smartwatch, you mightiness privation to instrumentality a look astatine Samsung’s Galaxy astute ring. It offers each the modular wellness tracking sensors truthful you tin support tabs connected activity, bosom complaint data, sleep, and adjacent menstrual cycles. It besides offers Galaxy Watch AI features similar Energy Score and Wellness Tips, though it lacks irregular bosom complaint notifications and slumber apnea detection features.

After spending a little magnitude of clip with Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, my workfellow Victoria Song said the astute ringing shows a batch of promise. She’s yet to trial its software, artillery life, and the accuracy of its tracking data, but truthful far, she’s been impressed. The wearable is slick with a well-designed, easy-to-use charging case, portion the information it adjacent works with the treble pinch motion is simply a chill touch.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring comes successful 9 size options and 3 colors: black, silver, and gold. It starts astatine $399.99 and is disposable to preorder from Samsung, Amazon, and Best Buy.

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